​Being an author means I'm also an avid reader. According to my Goodreads account, I read close to one hundred books last year.

And while I love many different genres: YA (obviously), Romance, Suspense/Thriller, I've created a page for reads that I would recommend for my readers. They're all YA and teen appropriate (and forewarning you, Dystopian seems to be a theme. Shocking, I know.)

I'll be adding to the list as I find more books that have me glued to my kindle for hours at a time.

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As a writer, I lead an extremely exciting life. When I'm not base jumping, playing my guitar and singing for a sold-out crowd, or having tea with the queen... Okay, all of these things are lies.

The truth is, I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, with my husband and son and you'll most likely find me with my laptop on my lap and a coffee in my hand.

Muttering and mumbles will come from my lips as I ask my characters to stop being difficult, and I won't even notice you've entered the room because I will be in my own little world. Only when I finally tear my eyes away from my screen would I notice there is a stranger in my living room and begin to wonder what you're doing there in the first place.

So to prevent any heart attacks, I ask that all stalkers please refrain from coming to my house. Thank you in advance. ​

If you do have stalkerish tendencies and would like to follow me, you're more than welcome to below:​ 


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